I Think Therefore I Am

Succeeding perseverance simultaneously original identified determinism oriented deflated occurrence interests philosophical hierarchy discerning intrinsics:

Key Elements of Establishment

Them vs You vs Me or “We the people” vs “Defendant” vs “Plaintiff”

Organizational Behavior: The Purist and The Pragmatist

“If you don’t have standards at all, I don’t think you are fulfilling your ethical possibilities. But, on the other hand, if you have too many, you won’t be able to have a successful business.” he explains in podcast conversation. “So the art of Whole Foods Market has always been straddling those two.”

My Pursuit of Happiness Lives & Dies in Hearing the ENTIRE Conversation

The Barr Surname’s Biosphere “Salvaging the Talmadge” through latticework of coincidence & experience has a very omnipotent push & pull in it own human imagination in symbolism indicating sovereignty.

My Abnegation of the Soul-Mind Molecular Mechanisms thanks to Acoustic Attenuation says promptly, “The intangible verses the tangible of one’s soul-mind being overexposed to populations creating the false illusions & narratives surrounding Societal Superorganisms consciously relates to knowledge being the natural process of the ever expanding universe.”

Play “Houston, we have a problem” by Luke Combs

Daisy Dialga Strange, O.S.G (original spiritual gangster)

To Infinity & Beyond: (allegedly)




My bones are crunching under the weight of all of the lives I'm not living.

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Reading note: Freud’s “The ego and the id” — Chapter 2

To Live is to Flow…

Origin of Origin

Our current predicament and how we can face it

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Daisy Strange

Daisy Strange

My bones are crunching under the weight of all of the lives I'm not living.

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